Nesting Instincts

Right after pulling out the “When are you buying a castle?” question, the dragon elders usually continue with the usual suspects:

“When are you getting soul-bonded?”

“What about eggs? I want grandchildren!”

Ah yes, marriage and progeny. The inescapable lifetime milestones of North American dragonkind. Combined with a beautiful white washed castle with a shiny moat, this is the American Dream, in all its sugarplum, fairy-dust glory.

Sometimes their nostril smoke starts glowing just talking about it – the magic of marriage-bonds and hatchlings. It lights up the whole room.

But here’s the thing about soul-bond ceremonies and hatchlings: they are a very large drain on the hoard! And that’s what this here section is meant to address, compiling all of the posts on those pesky nesting instincts (which includes urges to leave the nest, get married, or have tiny little baby dragons) into one easy-to-navigate place:

02/04/2017 – Understanding the Cost of Moving Out