Choosing a Castle

The dream of every juvenile dragon – the castle on the hill. It glitters in the sunlight, there are banners waving in the wind. The moat glimmers enticingly beneath the drawbridge. It could be yours, just think about it, a fortress in which to raise your hatchlings and protect your mate.

Just hand over your bank account and chain your ankle to a great big iron ball called a mortgage. It’ll be great!

Yeah – we’ve all had this discussion. The older dragons are always asking us: “When are you buying a house?”, saying things like “You need to build equity!” and “Renting is throwing your money away!”

But is renting really all that worse than buying? Is owning property, putting our family crest on that banner, really the be-all and end-all of dragonhood?

Well, that’s the big question. This page contains a listing of all posts on this topic.

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