Welcome to Dollar Dragon!

This is a Canadian personal finance blog that tackles difficult questions relating to topics like:

  1. Building a hoard of savings,
  2. Growing that hoard through investment,
  3. Bringing in more money,
  4. Making smart spending decisions,
  5. Borrowing wisely, and
  6. Reducing the amount of wasted money in your life.

I, the writer (you can call me Dollar Dragon), am a tax accountant and DIY investor. My wife (Mrs. Dollar Dragon) and I have worked hard to get to where we are in our late-twenties/early-thirties. With a low six-figure family income and a low six-figure net worth, we’re still early in our path to financial independence, but there are plenty of tips and tricks I want to share with you as you embark on your own path to building your financial hoard, earning Financial Independence, and Retiring Early (commonly referred to as F.I.R.E.).

In order to take you from being a tiny hatchling to a mighty dragon breathing F.I.R.E, the blog is split into six categories:

  1. Becoming a Dragon: An intro to Financial Independence,
  2. Scholarly Decisions: Advice on choosing a career, and a path to that career,
  3. Choosing a Castle: Breaking down the costs and benefits of renting and owning, and other real estate topics,
  4. Hoard Building: Spend less, save more, and invest better with tips and tricks (and warnings about traps!),
  5. Nesting Instincts: Blog posts related to life changes, such as cohabitation, children, and aging,
  6. Flying Free: Inspirational posts to get you back on track.

And to see all the posts from the beginning, check out the archive below.
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