Welcome to Dollar Dragon! And yes, this is yet another F.I.R.E. blog. Because I’ve wanted to be a dragon since I was three years old, and there are three things that make a dragon:

  1. Breathing F.I.R.E.,
  2. Building that Hoard, and
  3. Flying Free.

And by breathing F.I.R.E., I mean Financial Independence, and Retiring Early. I don’t know anyone who genuinely wants to work until they die. I sincerely doubt you want to work until you die, and that is why you are here.

This blog exists for one reason – to break down the elements of setting your life on F.I.R.E. and turning the dream of early retirement into a reality. Do not worry if you are just starting, if you are a little baby hatchling with a hoard the size of a piggy bank. I’ve still got pieces of eggshell sticking to my scales, but we all start somewhere!

I’ve broken down the process into six main categories:

  1. Becoming a Dragon: Just how does one start breathing F.I.R.E.?
  2. Scholarly Decisions: Even scale-y monsters need an education.
  3. Choosing a Castle: Math and research behind the big decision – rent or buy?
  4. Hoard Building: Saving, earning, investing – the works.
  5. Nesting Instincts: Tackling the “do you have a mate yet?” and “what about eggs?” questions.
  6. Flying Free: Finding the motivation to set your life on F.I.R.E.

Never start tomorrow what you could start today. Come with me.


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